Hands Off Promotion - Let Our Team Be Your Chauffeur

Hands Off Promotion - Let Our Team Be Your Chauffeur
What is HAULIX+

What is HAULIX+

Promote your latest project and engage with tastemakers in a professional, hassle-free way. With HAULIX+, you can flaunt unlimited watermarked streams and downloads without the fuss. Our staff handles all of the work for you - just sit back and see what kind of responses your campaign gets from our expansive network of industry contacts!

How Does This Benefit You?

Make a powerful impact with minimal effort - that's what HAULIX+ is all about! It saves time; focus on other tasks while we take care of building and sending your campaign. And if you prefer a hybrid approach, combining your own contact lists with ours, rest assured that our work seamlessly integrates into your workflow.


HAULIX+ For Publicists and Labels

Publicists and Labels

Our campaigns are like an extra tool in your kit, lending a hand to help supercharge your team's efforts. All email replies from our campaigns go to your inbox, helping you to further expand your network of contacts. When the campaign is finished, you get recognition for the work that was performed. With one click, export a PDF campaign summary and share it with your client or artist.

HAULIX+ For Artists


If you need to get your tunes heard, HAULIX+ has the perfect plan! We have a comprehensive selection of industry contacts that are easily organized by genre, geographic location and media type. Upload your songs through our platform and we will take it from there - you'll even be able to track success with real-time engagement stats right in your private account. Get ready for tastemakers around the world - let's hit 'play' on this journey together!