Case Study:

Insane Habits

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Stefan Pravits Vocalist/Guitarist


Insane Habits is an up-and-coming punk rock band from Vienna, Austria. They have released two albums and one EP, and are self-managing their PR efforts. Vocalist/guitarist Stefan, who also acts as a music journalist, is in charge of media outreach and promotion for the band. Like many other artists who independently spearhead their music promotions, Insane Habits has come up against challenges in their media endeavors.

Problem Statement

Despite investing extensive time and effort into manual research to identify relevant bloggers, influencers, and websites for media outreach, Insane Habits experienced minimal results for their efforts. Their struggles in discerning the streaming or downloading preferences of contacts led to communication setbacks and an individualized email approach resulted in few responses. Moreover, the challenge of navigating the learning curve of industry standards within PR, particularly without prior music industry experience, further hindered their promotional effectiveness.

We released an album in 2021 and I did everything manually. It was a ton of work and I was getting little response. I realized platforms like HAULIX existed when I started doing music journalism. HAULIX was one of the platforms that we received promos from and it just made sense to me. Everything was structured, very organized, and in the same format. I thought ‘This must be making the lives of bands and promoters so much easier.

HAULIX Features

In their quest to revolutionize their music promotion efforts, Insane Habits turned to HAULIX. With a keen focus on efficiency and effectiveness, Insane Habits explored HAULIX's robust toolkit, leveraging its diverse array of features to propel their promotional campaigns to new heights. From streamlining email communications to centralizing contact management and embracing professional-grade promotional services through HAULIX+, Insane Habits has experienced the impact of these innovative features. Let's delve deeper into how each feature played a pivotal role in shaping their promotional journey and driving tangible results.

  • CRM Integration: Before HAULIX, Insane Habits contact management was scattered across multiple platforms, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. By consolidating all contacts within HAULIX, Insane Habits has gained a centralized database that has optimized their workflow. Now, accessing and updating contact information is effortless, saving valuable time and ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.
HAULIX CRM screenshot Manage all of your contacts in one place
Previously, my contacts were stored in multiple places – I had them on my phone, in Google Contacts, and in spreadsheets. I only put everything in one place once I started using HAULIX and now HAULIX is the database for my contacts.
  • Email Templates: HAULIX's user-friendly email templates proved instrumental in elevating Insane Habits' promotional efforts. The interface hosts photos, videos, and other assets alongside streaming and downloadable music files, ensuring a polished presentation with every correspondence. The ability to customize and save templates not only streamlined Insane Habits workflow but also maintained consistency across communications, leaving a lasting professional impression on recipients.
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  • HAULIX+: As an independent band striving to make a mark in the industry, HAULIX+ proved to be a game-changer in Insane Habits’ promotional endeavors. The platform's professional presentation elevated visibility and credibility, resulting in significantly improved responses from journalists and industry professionals and garnered more attention and opportunities.
HAULIX Engagement Summary screenshot View a snapshot of how your campaigns are performing
If you’re a small band, this is really so helpful. The responses we’ve gotten are way better than anything we’ve done manually.

Strategy & Implementation

HAULIX has played a transformative role in Insane Habits' pre-release phase, providing invaluable guidance and structure to their promotional efforts. For a band navigating the complexities of pre-release strategies, HAULIX offered a foundational understanding of essential tasks. Its user-friendly interface facilitates the organization of promotional materials, allowing Insane Habits to track assets efficiently and ensure nothing is overlooked.

It helps us keep track of everything we need to check off for our pre-release setup. Is our video link added? Is our bio updated? Is our email template set up? It provides a structured format where we can tick off what we need to do and it helps make sure we’re including all our assets and completing the necessary tasks.

Results & Success

Insane Habits' adoption of HAULIX has yielded tangible results, overhauling their promotional process and significantly amplifying their outreach efforts. With HAULIX's workflow, the band has experienced a marked increase in engagement, garnering more responses from bloggers and radio stations than ever before.

This tool has really streamlined our workflow, and we have had airplay on radio stations and been reviewed on blogs, which did not happen before using HAULIX.
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