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Monica Seide-Evenson is the owner of Speakeasy PR. She is a music industry veteran who got her start in 1992 at Warner Bros. Records and has been an independent publicist for the past 18 years. Monica has had the unique opportunity of working as a publicist at a major record label, indie record label, and independently with her own PR company. Some of her notable achievements include the debut records for Coldplay and Static-X, which have since gone double platinum and platinum, as well as her long-running representation of multiple artists including Tool, Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle), and the Melvins.

Problem Statement

With the music industry transitioning from physical to digital media, the traditional method of promoting music by sending physical mailers became increasingly impractical and costly. HAULIX emerged as a solution, offering a secure way to send audio through watermarking technology. But today, with more publicists and artists than ever before, journalists are flooded with hundreds of emails every day. As a result, it has become increasingly challenging for publicists to stand out amidst crowded inboxes and maintain meaningful relationships.

HAULIX Features

Tailored for music industry professionals like Monica, HAULIX provides a range of robust features. Customization options personalize Monica's promotional efforts, metrics offer insights into audience engagement, and watermarking provides a crucial solution for servicing files digitally.

  • Metrics: Monica appreciates being able to identify who has listened to her audio files and who hasn't, giving her a clearer understanding of her audience's engagement. Additionally, she finds it helpful to see when recipients last logged into HAULIX, as it helps her gauge their level of interest. These insights not only assist in maintaining accurate contact lists but also empower her to refine her promotional strategies effectively.
HAULIX Metrics screenshot Drill down into a person's activity
I can see who is listening and who is not, and even when the last time someone used HAULIX was. It helps me know if there is a person who never listens to anything they’re sent. If someone’s activity was three years ago I start to wonder, ‘Did they stop writing and not tell anyone?’ It definitely helps me keep my mailing list more in check.
  • Customization: Monica utilizes HAULIX’s customization features, uploading her own banners that not only look unique from other publicists but can also be branded for each specific project. By creating distinctive visuals that reflect her brand, Monica ensures her promotions stand out.
HAULIX Metrics screenshot Easily brand your promo and email to match the release
  • Watermarking: With the advancement of technology and digital servicing methods, the ability to protect music from an unauthorized leak has become crucial. HAULIX offers a solution ensuring that audio files remain secure during transmission. By adding unique identifiers to each file, HAULIX helps prevent leaks and gives peace of mind to musicians and their teams.
HAULIX automatic watermarking setup Watermarking setup is automatic while uploading
I never sent music digitally until HAULIX because things were leaking a lot and we were paranoid about leaks. The fact that HAULIX could watermark was the incentive to go digital for me.


In conclusion, HAULIX stands out as an indispensable tool for music industry professionals like Monica. Its cost-effective approach, coupled with its ease of use and constant innovation, has left a lasting impression. The metrics feature has proven invaluable, offering deep insights into audience engagement and facilitating the upkeep of accurate contact lists. Moreover, HAULIX's dependable email delivery ensures that Monica's messages consistently reach their target audience with efficiency and effectiveness.

I feel like they couldn’t have made it [HAULIX] easier to use.
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