Why Switch To Us?

We help you understand your listeners

Our analytics provide data on the performance of your email blasts and the consumption of your music. Drill down into a specific listener to view their details or export a PDF engagement report that measures the promotional value across all campaigns for a promo. This data comes with every plan we offer and will help you to continually improve your marketing efforts.

We keep you and your music secure

Have peace of mind and secure your account with mobile two-factor authentication. Lock down your promos with download/streaming limits and strict expiration dates and we will take care of fingerprinting your music with inaudible watermarks as it goes out the door. There are a lot of security checks in place that all harmoniously work together to keep you and your files secure.

Our system was built for your entire team

Are you a small label with one publicist?
A global multi-office organization with dozens of team members?
An agency with many clients?

Regardless, collaboration is a must for any team in music, and we offer powerful options that give you the flexibility and security needed when having multiple people use your account. Create a login for each person and set promo and contact permissions. Every user then has their own custom view when they sign in. They only see data important to them. Everything else is hidden.

We are fanatical about customer service

To us, awesome customer support is about fast reply times and building personable relationships with our customers. We are available seven days a week to answer questions, offer step-by-step guidance and training for your staff.

We have over a decade of industry acclaim

Our customers collectively send music to over 500,000 radio, press and media contacts around the globe. There is a good chance many of your contacts are already familiar with us and they know what to expect.

Our social proof comes in the form of 30,000+ releases being promoted through us per year, many of which are for Billboard chart-topping talent, stadium-level headliners and Grammy award winners.

We understand the thought of moving can be a daunting task.
Let our team do the heavy lifting by helping you migrate your promos and contacts into Haulix.

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