Protect Releases

No more early leaks!

Advanced watermarking

Read about the benefits of our web-based watermarking process

Watermarking is a technique used to embed inaudible information into a track. The watermark will contain user specific information that allows us to identify which contact specifically downloaded or streamed a file through Haulix.

On average, each track will contain 15-20 watermarks which can survive most attacks such as re-encoding and conversion.
Preparing Files For Watermarking

Permissions, encryption and secure traffic

Invite people in the press that you trust. You have fine grained control over how many times they can stream or download a promo. All traffic in and out of Haulix is SSL encrypted (like bank websites). Haulix automatically prepares your tracks for watermarking and when a contact downloads or streams an album, the injection process is performed in seconds.

Passcode protection

Press people can view and manage all of their promos from all Haulix customers who send to them from one convenient screen. As an added layer of security that protects you and your contacts, the My Promos screen is accessed with a 4-digit passcode that the press contact sets.

PCI compliant and data backups

As a merchant collecting monthly credit card payments, we are PCI compliant. Your data is backed up every 15 minutes and your promotional materials are backed up daily.