Push your pre-release music out to industry contacts, the press and radio stations.

Haulix is a web based month-to-month subscription service
you and your coworkers can use anywhere in the
world with an internet connection and a browser.

  • Music & Contacts

    Create custom promo web pages with uploaded MP3 files and manage your contact lists.

  • Email Invitations

    Send emails to your contacts with secure links that give them access to your promos.

  • Watermarking & Security

    Promo streams and downloads are protected with inaudible digital fingerprints over a secure channel.

  • Tracking

    Track your progress with realtime activites, reports and watermark scans.

Haulix is an easy, secure and smooth tool that Spinefarm uses for servicing and promoting our releases. It’s an integral tool we use in the rollout of all our projects to hit and exceed our goals.

thumb Tim Brennan
Spinefarm Records

Haulix is an amazing tool for promoting our upcoming releases. The ease of use and ability to create reports on each promo is extremely helpful to help us achieve and maintain our goals with our releases.

thumb Staff
Napalm Records


Globally reach all of your contacts with secure pre-release streams and downloads.

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Customizable Promos

Create engaging promos with your own designs. Upload MP3 files, PDF docs, artist images and attach YouTube videos.

Contact Management

Import an unlimited number of industry contacts. Control what and how much music they consume while continually enriching your relationships by inviting them to listen to your promos.


Add an unlimited number of extra administrator accounts and set custom permissions on what each person can access with their account. Your administrators can sign in from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Multilayered Security

Promo materials and data are backed up every 15 minutes and replicated in multiple geo locations. As a customer, you will have total control over your promos, coworker accounts and audio streams/downloads.


All contact and coworker actions are logged and displayed in real time on your dashboard screen. Trace a leaked album by getting a watermark scan or analyze promo streams and downloads by running reports.

Customer Support

We take pride in knowing most of our customers by first name. Our team is always here to help out. When you call or email us, expect a fast personable response.